Luxury Light Show Ballet

Luxury Light Show Ballet
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Cost of services
Average budget: 30000
The cost depends on many factors: number of numbers, artists, date of performance, etc. The final cost is established with the customer, after receiving information about wishes from him.
* Photos, videos, audio recordings, personal information of the user are his intellectual property.


Luxury Light Show is a LED dance show ballet and headliner of any event.
LED costumes, author's choreography and professional artists are what guarantees the viewer unforgettable emotions and a special experience from the event.
There are many numbers in the repertoire, it is easy to find what is right for you!
Our services:
- Dance numbers
- Thematic show programs (1.5-2 hours)
- New Years show
- Wedding show with the bride
- Meeting guests, dance master classes
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The repertoire includes dance numbers, lasting 3 minutes, a catalog of images is presented at the customer's choice, among them are:
-snow queens with glowing wings and crystal crowns
- ballerinas in luminous white skirts
-number "Asia" with a flying dragon, umbrellas and silk fans
-laser show
-flag show with corporate flags of the customer
-Rock style with electric fans
- carnival number with costumes made of glowing feathers
And much more ..
In addition to the numbers, you can order a ready-made show program from us, with a singer, a presenter and stage design.
The repertoire of the program for 1.5 hours:
- The program "FairyTale" with a completely New Year's repertoire, the theme of a New Year's fairy tale
- Summer program "Bounty" theme of summer parties, fiery dances, the atmosphere of the Brazilian carnival
- Lux program "The burlesque show" theme of burlesque, femininity
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Technical rider:

1) The size of the stage. Ceiling height - at least 2.8 meters; The working surface area for one artist is at least 4x4 meters.

2) The quality of the stage. Floor covering - must be clean and dry (no candy and foam); Workspace - must be free of debris, wires, unnecessary objects and people.

3) Parametric sound control panel with built-in

4) Monitors on stage - 2 pcs (two in the first line) YAMAHA A12M or analogs.

5) Vocal microphone - 2 pcs

6) Separate sockets 220v - 2 pieces

7) Parking for cars.

8) A back door with a driveway for unloading no later than 60 minutes before the artists enter the stage.

9) Soundcheck from 10 to 30 minutes a day or before the start of the event.

10) Timing, taking into account the arrangement of numbers, no more than every 30 minutes.

11) Sound engineer for the soundcheck and performance.

12) Manager warning about readiness 10 minutes before the artists go on stage.

13) The use of photo and video materials of the team for advertising purposes before or after the event (announcements, reports) is possible only with the indication of the name "Luxury Light Show".

14) The mention of the show from the stage occurs only in its full wording: "Luxury Light show".

Household rider:

1) A room for changing clothes and preparing artists is provided no later than 60 minutes before the first exit of the artists, with a size of at least 9 square meters. lockable with a key.

2) Furniture necessary for quick and safe changing: a chair for each artist, a free table - 2 pieces, a hanger, a mirror, room temperature 20-25 ° С.

3) Water without gas at least 1 liter per artist,

4) Food if the artists are at the event for more than 3 hours: fruits, sandwiches, hot dishes, tea, coffee.

5) The organizer is obliged to ensure the safety of the artists, as well as the safety of equipment, props, personal belongings, property of the artists during rehearsals, performances, and also after the concert until the artists leave the place where the performance was held.

* Any discrepancy with the stated rider may have an impact on the quality and result of the desired product. For any non-observance of the conditions for the rider, the customer is responsible and aware of all the possible consequences. If the rider is ignored, Luxury Light Show has the right to refuse to perform duties until the situation is corrected in the direction of fulfilling the necessary list of conditions specified in the Luxury Light Show rider.
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