Cheerleading team "Dladies"

Cheerleading team "Dladies"
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Komanda Cherliderov Dladies
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Cost of services
Average budget: 9000
A performance of 5-10 minutes is 2-3 bright dances in a row or during the entire event. Total employment 1-2 hours, the price is for 5 girls. The number of girls, employment and cost can be agreed on your request. It is also possible to work on a large-scale event. Our girls will be happy to take part, help coordinate guests, present your services or products, conduct an advertising campaign and decorate everything with incendiary dances. The cost for one girl is 2500, employment is 6-10 hours. The number of girls and employment is discussed on request.
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We present to Your attention the cheerleading team "Dladies".
Our team is the official support group for the youth ice hockey team "Dynamo Spb" and the Rugby club "Narvskaya Zastava". Our team has experience of performing at large-scale events in St. Petersburg such as" League of the future "and"Geek picnic".
We have repeatedly participated in private corporate events of Hyundai automobile salon , Surgutneftegazbank and some others. We have performed on the social project "I choose life" and participated in the filming of the TV series "the Magnificent five".
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We offer to decorate your events with bright dances, we are ready to take part in your advertising campaign, and also organize a meeting of guests in the Welcome zone.
And also: full adaptation of the program to your theme, energy and emotions, and fun girls with incendiary dances!
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- paying for travel or providing a transfer at an early performance/event outside the city/in bad weather conditions
- - availability of water for performances up to 3 hours/ tea and snacks for performances up to 5 hours/hot lunch for performances over 5 hours
-if you need suits with your corporate logo-at the expense of the customer
Event in the building:
- dressing room with sockets, mirror and a place to relax( chairs, armchairs, etc.)

Outdoor event:
- a heated or fully covered tent with a place to change clothes and rest, preferably a socket
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