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Korsakova Marina
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"Новый год 2022"
Cost of services
Average budget: 5000
5000 rubles - the price for an hour of performance in the city. If you want to make a surprise, a musical gift to a loved one, the cost of such a performance will be 3000 rubles (5-10 minutes). The price for an hour outside the city is 7000 rubles. (the price of the performance + transportation costs, snacks). The price per hour for New Year's holidays in the city will be 10000 rubles. By promo code - 8000 rubles.
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The violin will create a memorable atmosphere at the festival!
You and your guests will receive vivid emotions that will be remembered for a lifetime!
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In my repertoire there are classical works, jazz, rock, pop, music from movies.
And I also play music from all over the world: Russian, Irish, French, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Jewish.

I have duets with other musical instruments:
violin + violin, cello, piano, accordion, guitar.
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1 hour - 5000 rubles (in the city)
1 hour - 7000 rubles (outside the city)
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Марина Корсакова - Игра Престолов
From profile: marinakorsakova, genre: другое
Марина Корсакова - Song From a Secret Garden
From profile: marinakorsakova, genre: классика
Марина Корсакова - Perfect
From profile: marinakorsakova, genre: поп
Марина Корсакова - Let It Snow
From profile: marinakorsakova, genre: джаз
Марина Корсакова - My Funny Valentine
From profile: marinakorsakova, genre: джаз
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