Wedding showman - Alexander Dymov

Wedding showman - Alexander Dymov
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Dymov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
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Cost of services
Average budget: 30000 руб
Price is negotiated individually. Conducting a wedding from 40,000 rubles. The fee of the host and DJ depends on the wedding day with or without equipment and the season of work. Weddings from Sunday to Thursday are subject to special rates. Host: We will hold an unlimited number of meetings, if necessary, to organize your wedding. Development of an individual wedding scenario, work at the event 5-7 hours. Personal gift from the host and Liveprojectorshow studio - Photo slide show (love story) Delivery and installation of a large projector screen for a love story and multimedia games. I guarantee round-the-clock support of your event.
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I, Dymov Alexander - the wedding presenter. For 8 years, work has grown to one of the best wedding leaders. This is not my fantasy.

  It was experienced enough to surprise and delight guests. Wedding in Thailand on the island of Koh Samui.

  A little about my individual style of events.

  I, the leader of the 21st century. I do not strain guests and do not call for the holiday process! All that I do is hateful and organic. When it comes to participating in banal contests, in tactical events.
  I am the host, first of all, the organizer of the holidays and the creator of a positive atmosphere.

  My program is COPYRIGHT (not like the others)!
  Even direct moments in my performance will sound especially and inimitably.

  Should I choose to host a wedding?
  I graduated from the wedding management school with the support of the Civil Registry Office. I can rightfully use the term "wedding host". The acquired profile knowledge in the profession of “Leading Celebratory Events” - stage skills, directing celebratory events, the rules for conducting exit registration of marriage, the rules of wedding ceremonies.

  Ten The author of a dozen modern wedding competitions and I know what kind of interactive guests like.

  Year Every year I attend the largest conferences for wedding and event events, organizers, decorators and hosts. All practical knowledge from well-known industry leaders is applied in practice.

  Onalnal Personal help at any stage of the wedding.

  Moreover, they have already managed to organize and conduct 14 international weddings.

  I have weddings and only weddings!
  It is very good!

  All this together helps me to create unforgettable wedding celebrations.
  ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀
  To all couples in love GIFT from the host SLIDESHOW (Love story)

  Want to get to know me better? Call me! We can meet for a cup of coffee, discuss the event and the preliminary program plan.
  I will be glad to your call.

  ► Specify your date! Sincerely, Dymov Alexander
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I have weddings and do it as well as possible!
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22.11.2019 17:57 Creative gift from the host for the bride and groom Slideshow (love story)


Type: свадьба

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A perfect wedding is real!

On these video frames, a happy married couple Anton and Anna. You can’t even imagine how much I have in common with these people. The groom bought a car at 21 !. First coincidence. I bought my first Golf 3 car (black) at 21! Brian Adams is the bride's favorite singer. The second similarity. And I adore this singer’s delay. Reading the bride’s resume, it seemed to me that it was me who wrote th...

Wedding Flashmob - Wedding Dance - Wedding Presenter

Guests can also help the newlyweds turn the wedding into an unforgettable and fun celebration. This will require a DJ with incendiary hits and a fun wedding presenter. The flash mob at the wedding remains in memory for a long time. As a rule, it is better to do it closer to the end of the event, so that guests can once again unite together to congratulate the bride and groom (preferably a dance)....
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