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Grigory Palamarchuk
Grigory Palamarchuk is the only pianist in Russia whose repertoire exceeds 500 works. He is one of the TOP 10 best pianists in Moscow. - Laureate of international competitions and festivals-was educated at the prestigious music University of the country in the class of famous teachers. In 2017 he was awarded a master's degree. He also graduated fro... read more..

Show Group "Remake"
Show Group "Remake" You should hear it: the most down-to-earth and soulful tracks! Our performance will not leave any listener indifferent! In the program: Popular bandstand Favorite folk songs Explosive Rock compositions Retro & Disco of the 80-90s Hits of modern pop music Playing instruments that have a unique, original timbre, the... read more..

NAVARA cover club
Группа NAVARA cover club это мощь и величие мировых хитов в исполнении талантливых, колоритных и опытных артистов. Музыка с большой буквы с характером вашего праздника. Телевизор позволяет нам побывать в разных уголках земли, не вставая с дивана, но мы собираем чемоданы и отправляемся в путешествие. В нашем телефоне хранятся тысячи песен, но м... read more..

Symphony Orchestra " Arfei"
Symphony Orchestra " Arfei" Graduates of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory Laureates of international competitions, Fellows of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Extensive experience of performing with classical and pop stars, in large concert halls, on TV, awards, city and sports events around the world. Cashless payment... read more..

Strunnyy kvartet VDOHNOVENIE
The female string quartet Venice is the creation of a gentle and relaxed atmosphere at your event in Moscow. Our string quartet has existed since 2008 in Moscow, during this time we managed to create the perfect repertoire and learn the professional details of musical design. Beautiful girls and classic instruments will add sophistication and bea... read more..

Harp Show
Harp Show - Harp Show Exquisite decoration of events around the world Unsurpassed beauty energy Charming sounds of an electronic harp LED Effects World hits Extensive experience of performing for the most distinguished guests, as well as at private events around the world Cashless payment to Agencies % read more..

Harp. Harpist Olga Logacheva.
Harp. Harpist for an event: wedding, field registration, Banquet, anniversary, corporate party, exhibition, presentation, New year and any other! Only live performance! Harp solos and ensembles with harp. A diverse program from the Baroque to the modern. The program is performed at your choice on a large classical harp, on an Irish (Celtic) harp or... read more..

Егор битбокс
Егор Дергачев один из лучших битбоксеров России выступал на различных мероприятиях. В клубах, на свадьбах и корпоративах. Так же участвовал на чемпионатах где занимал призовые места в номинации Лучший битбоксер read more..

Живая музыка на любое мероприятие - будь то свадьба, корпоративная вечеринка, юбилей или клубный концерт. Профессиональная команда опытных музыкантов и стильная, харизматичная вокалистка обеспечат высококачественное музыкальное сопровождение и сделают Ваше событие ярким и запоминающимся. В нашем репертуаре - свежие хиты русскоязычных и з... read more..

Violin show in the field of air-Violin Project
Light and music show, "the Violin Project" An explosion of emotions and beauty! Air sphere, electronic violin, LED and fire effects, elements of dance movements New in the Event industry! Soloist Winner of international competitions, titled beauty " Miss Russian Krasa2018" Classics in modern processing, rock, pop, world hits. From the Big S... read more..

Violin show "Delight"
The Violin Show "Delight" is a virtuoso performance of music from classical to rock, staged choreography, 15 stage images, including light ones. The powerful energy of the live sound of electric violins and electric cello does not leave indifferent viewers. Delight Violin Show - live music that you want to watch! Formats of performances: - m... read more..

Cello Show - violoncello Project
Cello Show - violoncello Project Creates an unforgettable atmosphere Trendy special effects LED backlit tool The mesmerizing sound of the cello Power and strength in every note...! From rock to Baroque Modern style of performance Keep up with the times! Performances from the big stage Up to private parties in any city in the world Cashle... read more..

Руслан Квак
✔ Professional musician, singer, pianist. Graduate of the Moscow State Institute of Culture in special. (pop-jazz singing). The winner of numerous national and international music competitions, a diploma from the People's Artist of the USSR - Eugene Doga, a participant in the television project "X-Factor", "Well, all together!" I play in different... read more..

Скрипачка Еlena Grits
Elena Grits-профессиональная скрипачка.Исполняет яркие классические произведения в современной обработке.Романтическое сопровождение свадебной регистрации и свиданий.Световые эффекты электроскрипки и оригинальные аранжировки для особенных случаев и мероприятий. read more..

Laser violinist is the world's most laser electric violinist!
Despite the emergence of numerous clone fiddlers on planet Earth, Aleks Weksler remains the most laser-like violinist and instrumentalist in the world! In the last 10 years it still holds the record for the number of laser beams and lights emitted by a single musician per unit of time! At the same time, almost all of the laser-light props, inclu... read more..

Moscow Harp Orchestra
Moscow Harp Orchestra - not just a musical group, but a real team of superheroes who have dedicated their lives to fighting stereotypes! We are constantly looking for new music to surprise any skeptic, and we really perform everything from classical to various soundtracks, from traditional Celtic tunes to jazz. We switch levers at the speed of lig... read more..

Violin Group DOLLS - скрипка на праздник, струнный состав и шоу-программа
Стиль, качество, красота — критерии нашей работы! Уникальное музыкальное сопровождение мероприятий в трех форматах: • Инструментальное электро шоу (дуэт / трио) — яркое, динамичное и завораживающее музыкальное представление, в котором классика обретает драйв, а рок — нежность! • Трио электроинструментов — неповторимое и волшебное звучание электро... read more..

Absent Sunday (dark cabaret)
One of the best dark cabaret bands in Russia.The combination of piano and violin on the one hand and drums and bass on the other formed Absent Sunday’s unique sound. Frequent guests of number of Russian Progressive Rock festivals they are on a good account in InRock - one of the oldest music magazines in Russia. The band became co-founders of the a... read more..

Modern organ grinder
Modern organ grinder is a original and unique performance-musician for every party! read more..

Георгий Валерьевич Ефремов
🌞Здравствуйте Объединяю Dj и классические инструменты( Dj + скрипка) Что у вас за мероприятие: ✅Свадьба ✅День рождения ✅Романтическое Свидание ✅Предложение руки и сердца ✅Welcome ✅Ваш вариант 💥Что вы получите ❗️Сделаю импровизацию на любой ваш трек прямо на мероприятии ❗️7 ваших любимых композиций я интегрирую в выступление ❗Помощ... read more..

Harpist and musicians HARP PROJECT
Harpist, DJ and musicians Harp Project-an exquisite decoration of events HARP PROJECT-exclusive music group Chic, elegance, and professionalism distinguish this amazing team from many others. Winners of international competitions, performances at the most luxurious venues and for the most high-ranking guests Harp, violin, flute, cello, saxo... read more..

Strunnyy kvartet VALENSIYA
Strunnyy kvartet VALENSIYA - eto professional'nyy strunnyy kollektiv v Moskve. Nash strunnyy kvartet gorditsya svoim yarkim i raznostoronnim repertuarom, sozdannym mnogoletnim opytom. Za vremya vsey nashey deyatel'nosti my uznali vse tonkosti i podvodnyye kamni nashey spetsializatsii i nauchilis' sozdavat' i podderzhivat' topluyu i neprinuzhdonn... read more..

Fiori Del Mare
The Fiori Del Mare ensemble was born in 2020 as part of the Rimsky-Korsakov Central concert model orchestra of the Russian Navy, hence our name. All the members of our team are winners of all-Russian and international competitions, excellent solo musicians, who over the years of joint performance in the orchestra have become almost a single music... read more..

Harpist Мария Kulakova
Maria Kulakova (Moscow, Russia) – professional harpist, winner of international competitions, teacher. Graduated from P.I.Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatoire. Winner of “Marettimo Jazz Festival 2015” , (as a part of duo “Harp & Jazz”) Sicilia, Italy Winner of the III Moscow Festival – “Russian Harp Art” competition Winner of the Open Inter... read more..
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